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5 Success Tips from Mega Successful People, or the Tremendous Value of Eating a Live Frog Every Morning

What are some of the tips that can enable small companies to grow big? What are the strategies for success that work at every level in an organization and at every size company? Mitzi Perdue’s unique background means she can share success tips and techniques that can change lives and can take members of your audience farther along the road to success. She watched how her father grew the Sheraton hotel chain from one hotel to thousands, and how her late husband, Frank Perdue, grew his poultry company, Perdue Farms, from a father-and-son operation to one that employed 19,000 at the time of his death. At every step of the way, Mitzi observed that both men followed principles in dealing with people that made the men and women they employed willing to go the extra mile. Both men also put extraordinary effort into getting information and,they not only had very little tolerance for yes men, they actively encouraged dissent. And both men were brilliant at thinking what their target was and then figuring out how to get from here to there. Often it meant going way outside their comfort zones and learning new skills, but the pay-off was huge. Mitzi Perdue likes nothing better than sharing the insider secrets for what made these two men a success. She also shares her own experiences as the founder of one of the larger wine grape businesses in California. Mitzi’s insider tips can change lives. Her father used to say that “One good idea can change your life,” and Mitzi’s talk will prove it!

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