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Mitzi Perdue knows that every family business has a culture. The question is, does this culture come about by design or by default? The ones that come about by default rarely support keeping the family business in the family across the generations.

So, what can a family do to develop and strengthen a culture that will support their deepest goals and values?

Mitzi Perdue draws on the experience of her family of origin, the Henderson Estate Company which dates back to 1890 and was the forerunner of the Sheraton Hotels (her father was co-founder of the chain). She also looks to her marital family (she’s the widow of Frank Perdue from Perdue Farms) that began in 1920.

In both cases, family members in each generation put enormous effort into creating and maintaining strong, values-based cultures. Her talks stem from her lifelong observations not only of how her two families have kept together over a combined total of 224 years, but she’s also closely observed how other high net worth families, often ones she’s known since childhood, created and continuously strengthen positive cultures. She’s also observed almost countless cases where families that lacked a supportive culture failed spectacularly.

Mitzi’s talks contain practical tips for embedding a positive culture. She’s been a part of carrying out all of them, and in some cases, creating them. These are tips that work, they’re practical, and they can make a spectacular difference in whether the family continues across the generations, or becomes one of the 70% that fails to pass on their legacy to the next generation.

Mitzi is a businesswoman, author, and a master story teller. She holds degrees from Harvard University and George Washington University, is a past president of the 35,000 member American Agri-Women and was one of the U.S. Delegates to the United Nations Conference on Women in Nairobi. She currently writes for the Academy of Women’s Health, and GEN, Genetic Engineering & Biotechnology News.

Most recently, she’s authored Tough Man, Tender Chicken: Business and Life Lessons from Frank Perdue. The book made #5 on Amazon’s Business Biographies, out of a field of 20,000. She’s also the author of, I Didn’t Bargain for This, her story of growing up as a hotel heiress.

A woman of many talents, she also programmed a computer app, B Healthy U, designed to help people track the interactions of lifestyle factors that influence their energy, sleep, hunger, mood, and ability to handle stress. In addition to being a programmer and software developer, Mitzi is also an artist and designer of EveningEggs™ handbags.

In addition, Mitzi the author of more than 1600 newspaper and magazine articles on family businesses, food, agriculture, the environment, philanthropy, biotechnology, genetic engineering, and women’s health.

She was a syndicated columnist for 22 years, and her weekly environmental columns were distributed first by California’s Capitol News and later, by Scripps Howard News Service, to roughly 420 newspapers. For two years she was a Commissioner on the National Commission on Libraries and Information Science.

Mitzi also produced and hosted more than 400 half hour interview shows, Mitzi’s Country Magazine on KXTV, the CBS affiliate in Sacramento, California. In addition, she hosted and produced more than 300 editions of Mitzi’s Country Comments, which was syndicated to 76 stations. Her radio series, Tips from the Farmer to You, was broadcast weekly for two years on the Coast to Coast Radio Network.

Decorated Eggs

Her egg decorating hobby began in1993 when a back injury kept her housebound and unable to walk for almost a year. She was looking for a hobby to make the time pass, and it occurred to her that since people called Frank “the Chicken Man,” it would be fun to be “The Egg Lady.” Today a typical EggScape™ sells for $2500.


When Mitzi is not on stage speaking to audiences about success tips, family business, and company culture—she indulges her love for writing. Mitzi's years of experience as an author has produced two books, hundreds of articles and blogs, and continues to result in engaging story-telling magic that turns success goals into reality for businesses everywhere.

Immerse yourself in the story of Frank Perdue, as told by his loving wife, Mitzi Perdue. Mitzi takes her readers on a journey of the many lessons Frank imparts during his life and career. This tale of a one-of-a-kind American entrepreneur is not only a biography, but a business book that shows entrepreneurs how to follow their path to success. For more information, including excerpts, click here or visit the store

After her sister challenged each of the five siblings to write memoirs for their grandchildren—and for each other—Mitzi took pen to paper. The result, I Didn't Bargain for This, is an intimate look at Mitzi's life as the daughter of one of America s greatest entrepreneurs and the wife of a chicken magnate. For more information or to purchase your copy, Click Here.

During Mitzi's 22 years as a syndicated columnist, she wrote first for California’s Capitol News and then for the Scripps Howard News Service. To browse through and read her articles, Click Here.

Mitzi describes her columns on philanthropy as a "labor of love". Using her extensive writing experience, she told stories of various charities—giving staff and volunteers a public pat on the back—and letting people know how they could help. To read her articles, Click Here.

Mitzi has a strong understanding of complex scientific and mathematical concepts and has produced and hosted more than 400 interview shows, often in conjunction with scientists at the University of California at Davis. See a sample of what she has written for GEN: Genetic Engineering and Biotechnology News.

Mitzi keeps audiences up to date on what's new in women's health in the official blog of the Academy of Women's Health. See her most recent posts here.