Let Mitzi Help

Mitzi Perdue Headshot

Every family business faces a 70% chance that all the hard work and sacrifice they put into the business will disappear with the next generation. What can you do to beat those odds?

Happy high-functioning business families rarely happen by accident. They happen by design. Using the right tools, values, and vision, you can design the culture of your family to ensure the business lasts. Mitzi’s expertise will help your family business:

  1. Create a strong family culture that supports a stable business.
  2. Encourage children to be responsible stewards of the financial wealth they inherit.
  3. Maintain loving intact relationships, personal identity, and legacy.
  4. Preserve and protect the jobs of people who depend upon the family business.
  5. Teach the younger generation to cherish their heritage and embrace their role leading the business forward.
  6. Share the power of philanthropy to bind generations together.
  7. Welcome and unite new members who marry into the family.
  8. Avoid family feuds that wind up in court and destroy the business.